Welcome New AARP® Credit Cards from Barclays Cardmembers!

Your new card has arrived!* Activate it now by visiting www.BarclaysUS.com/activate. As of September 20, 2021, your AARP® Credit Card from Chase is no longer valid.

  • AARP Travel Card

    The AARP® Travel Rewards Mastercard® from Barclays

  • AARP Essentials Card

    The AARP® Essential Rewards Mastercard® from Barclays

  • AARP Card

    The AARP® Mastercard® from Barclays

    Get Started Today

    1. Activate your new card and set up online access by clicking here or by calling Barclays at 866-598-2876. Please destroy your AARP Credit Card from Chase as it is no longer valid.
    2. Update any bill payment services you may use to pay your credit card bill with your new account information.
    3. Notify any merchants that automatically bill your account regularly, such as utilities, mobile phone, or insurance providers, of your new account information. Also, update online merchant accounts that store your credit card information for expedited check-out, as well as any digital wallets.
    4. Visit www.BarclaysUS.com to manage your account online, set up repeat payments, enroll in paperless statements, and view your card's features and benefits.

    Paying Your Bill

    All credit card payments for your new AARP® Mastercard® from Barclays should now be directed to Barclays. When your account was transferred to Barclays, your statement date and payment due date may have changed. Be sure to note your payment due date on your initial AARP Mastercard from Barclays billing statement, or your account online at www.BarclaysUS.com, and adjust the timing of payments as needed.

    Here's how to pay your bill:

    • Online: Visit www.BarclaysUS.com to set up payments directly from a checking or savings account or make arrangements using your new account information with your other bill payment services.
    • Mail: Make checks payable to Card Services and send to:
      Card Services
      P.O. Box 13337
      Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337
    • Call Barclays: Pay by phone at 866-677-1563

    Helpful Tools

    Need help getting started?

    1. To learn how to activate your new card, visit www.BarclaysUS.com/howtoactivate
    2. To learn how to register for an online account, visit www.BarclaysUS.com/howtoregister
    3. To learn how to make payments online, visit www.BarclaysUS.com/onlinepayments

    Historical Chase Information

    Log into your new account at www.BarclaysUS.com to view historical information from your AARP Credit Card from Chase account. This information is also accessible when contacting Barclays Customer Service. Note: It may take several days after September 20, 2021 for this information to become available.

    1. Chase billing statements, going back to September 1, 2020
    2. Chase payment history, going back to January 1, 2021
    3. Chase transaction history, going back to January 1, 2021

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